J&T Development

For home buyers in the King County area, J&T Development provides the most energy-efficient, durable, and sustainable premium homes on the market in the most highly desirable and accessible neighborhoods in the community. Our homes are locally sourced when possible, built to last, and designed with integrity, with our choice to use environmentally conscious materials that make our community a better place to live, work, and play.


Javier and Travis founded J&T Development to provide clean, sustainable, & much needed housing in the greater Seattle area through infill projects. Javier, a West Seattle native, has over 20 years experience as a Developer-Builder and Real Estate Agent, specializing in new construction and raw land acquisition. Javier has extensive experience handling subdivisions and entitlements, working with partners, and overseeing the development and build-out of infill projects in King County. Travis, also born and raised in Seattle, is a builder-developer of single and multi-family homes with over 20 years of construction experience in both Washington and Oregon. Over the past 10 years, Travis has dedicated extensive time learning the best practices of building principles and building science. From his knowledge and on-site job skills, Travis has gone on to educate hundreds of others on the most cost-effective ways to build, remodel or plan a project with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. Travis brings this same mindset into every infill project to build durable homes for his clients.

Each with their own area of expertise, Javier and Travis have combined their years of experience and knowledge to form J&T Development as a fully integrated property development firm. Instead of only offering pieces and parts of the process, J&T provides the service and support needed from land acquisitions to development and construction to financing and selling. Javier and Travis founded J&T Development as a one-stop, complete and fully integrated resource to supply sustainable housing and give back to their local community.




To provide more housing and add value in urban areas by building the most energy efficient, sustainably sourced premium homes in the King County market.
Reasons To Choose Us

Why partner with us?

As a fully integrated property development firm, J&T takes away the stress of having to figure out what to do and how to do it, no matter what your individual circumstance looks like.

Do you own a piece of land and always say “One day I’ll turn this into…?” As time goes on and life gets busier, “one day” seems to drift away. Instead of waiting on “one day,” J&T can serve as a solution. We are always looking for developable land to purchase. If you do not have the capacity or resources to develop the land and see the project through yourself, leave “one day” to us while you put that time and money into something that you are passionate about.

Do you have equity in land and want to develop it as a passive stream of income but don’t know what to do or where to start? Partnering with J&T means access to our knowledge, network, expertise, and resources to best develop your land and maximize value. As one of the only fully integrated development firms, J&T is with you every step of the way and truly acts as a partner throughout the entirety of the project.

Partnering looks a bit different to everyone. To learn more about the various ways to partner with J&T, please contact us.